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About Jeremy

Specializing in Project Management and Technical Direction, I use my passion for creative and technical problem solving to collaborate on multiple productions well I completed my BFA in Theatrical Design and Production at Oklahoma City University and started my MFA at Carnegie Mellon University in the fall of 2017 expected 2020.  As I continue working with companies ranging from Music Theatre Wichita, Oklahoma City Ballet, I am constantly finding joy in the work I am able to create.

My enthusiasm for problem-solving, from the shop to technical rehearsals, is clearly reflected in my processes. Each project starts with intentional collaboration, working closely with designers to help find budget-conscious yet creative solutions that can help make their designs a reality. By creating detailed drawings and cost estimates very early in the process, I can help identify problems and solutions before the build process begins for the production.

During the build process, I am hands-on, working routinely with the shop staff to successfully execute the design; I particularly love assisting with welding or rigging when needed. Throughout the technical process, in-the-moment problem solving is what I find to be the most thrilling. Ultimately, I find gratification in theater as I see each element of design coalesce as one in the final creation of a production.

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